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The Lakers Couldn't Have Scripted a Worse Case Scenario

Photo: Harry How

Head Coach Frank Vogel’s job was already rumored to be in jeopardy and last night’s loss to the Indiana Pacers did nothing to improve his prospects. The Lakers had a chance to come together and make a statement in support of Vogel but failed miserably. Dan is certain they couldn’t have scripted a worse outcome and doubts Frank Vogel will still have his job when they return to Los Angeles after their upcoming 10-game road trip.

Dan Patrick: “This is a game you’re supposed to win. This is a game where the team comes together to support Frank Vogel, ‘We’re going to put together a great effort here!’ And then all of a sudden you go, ‘We lost at home...’ If you were going to script, and this is the land of scripts; if you were going to script a worst case scenario, you did it! Home loss to a bad team, a bad road team; Russell Westbrook gets benched, doesn’t stay around to talk to the media.”