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The Odd Couple: If Tom Brady Retires, Is It Good Riddance Or Good Luck?

Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice

Chris Broussard: “One of the things that Brady has stressed, is he doesn’t want to play and suck. He had a great season, so he’s far from that. He’s thrown the number 45 out a ton, which means he wants to play to that age. His contract is up after he turns 45, but I think he will take a long look at what he has in the offseason and make a decision based on that. It’s certainly possible this could be his last run, but I don’t think this is likely.”
Rob Parker: “I think it’s possible, because a lot of these players wake up one day, and realize that it’s just time to walk away. Obviously that hasn’t happened to Brady because he keeps winning. When you keep winning it’s harder to walk away. If they lose to the Rams this Sunday, it could be the time Brady wakes up and just realizes it’s time. But I think he’s a guy who wants to go out on top.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker speculate rumors that this could be Tom Brady’s final playoff run. If the Buccaneers lose to the Rams, and Tom Brady decides to hang it up, would you say good luck, or good riddance? Listen to Chris and Rob debate the topic!