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Evan McPherson Called His Shot before Game-Winning Kick

Photo: Andy Lyons

Cincinnati Bengals Rookie K Evan McPherson joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He describes in detail how confident he was stepping up to kick the game-winning field goal with a trip to the AFC Championship on the line. They also discuss the pressures involved in kicking in the NFL, getting ‘freezed’ by a timeout, and the longer P.A.T. And they talk about several different nicknames he’s been given over the years, and which are his favorites.

Dan Patrick: “Feeling pretty confident there on the sideline before that kick, Evan?”

Evan McPherson: “I would say I was, and I think that’s probably one of the most important things as a kicker to have is confidence. So, just to challenge myself with something like that was big for me, and just to know going out there that I had confidence in myself, my teammates had confidence in me to go out there and hit it.”

Dan: “OK, so how did you say it to (Joe) Burrow that, ‘I guess we’re going to the AFC Title game...’ or (to) the other guys on the sideline? How did it come out?”

Evan: “Well, it kind of came about just because I had just taken my last warm-up kick into the net, and me and Brandon Allen were standing by the heater and he was just kind of telling me, ‘You got this, you’re going to make it...’ and all this stuff. And so Joe runs to the right, falls down, we take a timeout and I’m kind of walking to the field and I turn to Brandon and I’m like, ‘Well, looks like we’re going to the AFC Championship game.’”