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Tom Brady Should Retire While He Still Has His Health

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss the state of Tom Brady as he may need to contemplate retiring after coming up short in the NFL's divisional round. Tom Brady has had one long, illustrious career. He's a legend that's still actively playing and overqualified as the Greatest of All Time. Does Brady have anything left to prove after coming up short against the LA Rams? He got another title in the latter part of his career with the Patriots and then left New England only to win another against what many believe is the best quarterback today in Patrick Mahomes. Rob Parker is certainly in support of Brady hanging up the cleats in favor of family life.

Rob Parker: "It comes down to what you said earlier, Chris, which is more so what his wife would be saying is 'Get out while you still have your health.' There's nothing else to gain here."
Chris Broussard: "Let's say hypothetically he won the Super Bowl this year or won it next year. Does it add anything? His legacy is like ridiculous. There's absolutely nothing left to prove."
Rob Parker: "This should be it for Brady. He's been fortunate; he's had a great career; he's been awful lucky. Take the sign! Your luck ran out this time, partner. You know? Pack up your bags and decide you don't wanna get hurt or go out like that. No one's gonna be mad at you. And the way he went out with tieing the game...your lasting memory is Brady actually tieing the game in a game they had no business tieing."