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Cheaters Must Be Kept Out Of Cooperstown

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: "The core of what you are as an athlete is how hard you work, you've got natural ability, how can you get better, and at some point you come to that end. Clemens and Bonds robbed father time, and they robbed baseball. Shame on you Jeff Passan, calling it a museum, tell me a museum that puts an artist in it who cheated, who takes credit for what someone else did. Do you think it would hang in the Louvre?"

With just Red Sox slugger David Ortiz being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, listen to Doug Gottlieb provide a passionate explanation as to why cheaters & those linked to cheating must be kept out of the Hall of Fame, as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens both fail to make it in on their tenth, and final, ballot.