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The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is There To Tell The Story Of Baseball

Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game One

Photo: Getty Images North America

AJ Hoffman: "My opinion is the Hall of Fame is there to tell the story of baseball, and you can't tell that story without the steroid era, and you can't tell that story without Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens who were the two best players I've ever seen play with my own eyes..."
RJ Bell: "...with Pete Rose, what he did was as a manager, it was after his time as a player. I can assure you, Pete Rose was never gonna make the Hall of Fame as a manager. You have the five year wait period, which I like, gives you a cool down period, gives their career some distance and voters some perspective. I think your criteria, that the Hall of Fame's purpose is to tell the story of the game, that's a very strong definition of inclusion..."

With just David Ortiz being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today, listen to RJ Bell and the rest of the Straight Outta Vegas crew talk about their thoughts on the matter, with AJ Hoffman taking the position that steroid use shouldn't necessarily exclude someone from the Hall of Fame.