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Rex Ryan Says Aaron Rodgers Would be 3rd Best Quarterback in the AFC West

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss what to make of former NFL head coach Rex Ryan who said that Aaron Rodgers could enter some stiff competition in quarterback rankings if he decided to leave Green Bay Packers for the Denver Broncos.

“If he goes to Denver, he’s the third-best quarterback in that division,” said Ryan. “You’re going to put him with Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes? I’m not. I won’t. I’m gonna tell you why I won’t do that. Aaron Rodgers is phenomenal. But ten years ago, I’d put him in there. But not now. He’s much older.
“Let’s look at the numbers,” Ryan continued about Rodgers. “When his line protects him, in other words, they win every one of their matchups, Aaron Rodgers is by far and away the No. 1 quarterback in the league. He threw 31 touchdown passes and one interception when his offensive line won their matchups. When they did not win their matchups, he is 26th in the league. So if one guy misses, he is 26th in the league.”

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker are a bit baffled by these comments. Chris supports that Patrick Mahomes could actually be better than Rodgers but can't get behind Justin Herbert being ahead of Rodgers. Rob Parker thinks Rex Ryan is being a prisoner of the moment and using recency bias to support his claim.