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If Antonio Brown Isn’t Crazy, He’s Just an A-#@%!

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Doug Gottlieb minces no words as he takes Antonio Brown to task for his behavior with the Buccaneers. Doug isn’t buying Brown’s contention that the Buccaneers are at fault, because normal people don’t rip their shirts off and wave goodbye in the middle of a game no matter what was said to them. It was either a case of Brown being off his rocker, or just intentionally being a complete jerk. Doug is convinced it’s the latter.

Doug Gottlieb: “I’ve never seen nor will I ever see a player take off his clothes on the sideline and wave goodbye to his team while they’re playing a game that they’re trailing in... This guy’s an A-hole. If he’s not crazy, which he’s not, he’s just an A-Hole!”