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The Jury Is Still Out on Patrick Mahomes in the Big Game

Super Bowl LV

Photo: Getty Images North America

With the NFL Conference Championship games coming up this weekend, Dan Patrick is asked an intriguing poll question, "Which QB this Sunday is most likely to cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl? Burrow, Garoppolo, Mahomes, Stafford?" While the clubhouse favorite would be Garoppolo, Dan Patrick brings up an interesting point that Patrick Mahomes has not played particularly well in the Super Bowl itself. So Mahomes is certainly likely to get there against Joe Burrow and the Bengals, but can he perform well enough against the Niners or the Rams to win it all?

Dan Patrick: “I know we're not allowed to say this about Patrick Mahomes but he hasn't been good in the Super Bowl. The first quarter of his two Super Bowls his passer rating is just under 49. Second quarter, his passer rating almost 86. Third quarter, passer rating is 32. Fourth quarter his passer rating is 78.5. So two touchdowns, four picks, two Super Bowls. He does some amazing things, but he could've easily lost to the 49ers and he'd be 0-2 in Super Bowl games. I know we're inching towards saying, 'He'll be the next GOAT' but if the Chiefs get there facing the Niners or the Rams - those numbers should be at least in the back of your mind.”