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Not the Same Old Bungles

Photo: Jamie Squire

Dan Patrick is the epitome of a neutral sports journalist, never letting his personal feelings interfere with his objectivity, but he is from Cincinnati, and he does have family still living in Ohio. He lets his homer flag fly just a little as he reacts to the Bengals heading to the Super Bowl. He would have been happy just to see them not get embarrassed, so their victory is a welcome surprise.

Dan Patrick: “21-3 and then, being a Cincinnati native, I just thought, ‘I don’t want them to get embarrassed.’ I don’t want people to go, ‘Oh, the Bungles...’ I texted Paulie and I said, ‘All I’m asking for; if you say they don’t win but they don’t get embarrassed, I’ll sign up for that.’ I just didn’t want that to happen again where people go, ‘The same old Bungles!’ They’re not the same old Bungles... They made the big plays when they needed to, and I was speechless after that game, I truly was.”