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Straight Outta Vegas Gives Their Young Quarterback Draft Order

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images North America

AJ Hoffman: "Number 3, I'm gonna go with Justin Herbert, 23 years old.
RJ Bell: "Wait a minute, wait a minute, you're going Herbert, who it literally takes a magic trick to be a top 5 or 7 quarterback like Herbert and not make the playoffs? He's like the opposite of Burrow."
AJ Hoffman: "He might be new Matt Stafford, is what he might be. I think he's so good, he can do everything, and he's the youngest guy of the guys who are even in consideration."

On this edition of Straight Outta Vegas, RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman offer up their "draft order" of young NFL QB's, with AJ Hoffman taking one young QB that didn't even make the playoffs over one who's playing in the Super Bowl in two weeks!