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Rich Ohrnberger Clears Air About Tweets Regarding Patrick Mahomes & Family

Photo: Tom Pennington

Rich Ohrnberger:  "It’s interesting when you’re handed a piece of information that sounds true, by a source that you assume has been vetted. I’m not trying to play a victim here because I feel contrition for spreading a false story that went viral. But the problem is, were living in a time were a lot things on social media try to bait you into believing thing that just are not true. However it is my job and responsibility as a broadcaster to vet sources and other journalist for the truth on any subject matter, and I made a mistake by not doing that."  
Mike Harmon: "Part of it, was we wanted the subject matter to be true in this instance. It honestly has happened to every baseball insider, basketball reporter and any journalist, it seems, because it’s so easy for people to fake who they are online. But congratulations to you for your self-awareness and candor."

 Mike Harmon and Rich Ohrenberger discuss Rich’s recent tweets regarding the relationship between Patrick Mahomes, his wife and Jackson Mahomes.