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Rob Parker: Stop Making Excuses For LeBron James and the Lakers

In the video above, Rob Parker takes LeBron James and the Lakers to task for their poor performance against the New Orleans Pelicans and their ridiculous behavior to Laker fans in attendance.

"You've gotta be honest with yourself with what you saw yesterday. That's not a good team, and we need to stop making excuses for the Lakers. Stop with the 'All they have to do is get to the playoffs, and they have a shot to make it out of the West'...NO, they don't. They're too old; they don't play defense; they don't stop anybody. You can't have this happen time and time again. We're into March tomorrow! This ain't the beginning of the year. There's less than six weeks left of the regular season! When are they gonna turn it on? We have to admit this is a failed situation. The Lakers might not make the playoffs or the play-in. That's how bad it is. The only thing that was worse than that performance last night was the ridiculous behavior by the Lakers. How dare you turn on the fans who are upset and mad at the garbage that they're displaying."