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Kyler Murray Said Nothing Wrong In His Statement

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Kyler Murray's agent issued a statement requesting a long-term commitment from the Cardinals. Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington explain why everything stated was true and why his requests are reasonable.

LaVar Arrington: "If you're Arizona, you're closer to being better than you are to being worse. We all would attribute that to Kyler Murray being the quarterback of this team and seeing when he's healthy, and he's motivated, and he's playing well, this team goes as he goes. And and so to me, I'd much rather be on a team that takes nosedive than the team that doesn't have the opportunity to get high enough to dive in the first place."
Jonas Knox: "Everything there is factual. They were terrible when Kyler Murray got there. They've improved every year. They were in the playoffs last season. He's still improving as a player. That is a fact. He listed all his credentials this early in his career, and then came up with a strategy that seemingly looks like it would make sense."
Brady Quinn: "I think he's doing all he can at this moment, but if there was a deal in place in baseball and we weren't in a lockout, maybe they'd be utilizing that angle as well."