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Packers Should Have Included Aaron Rodgers on Abbey Road

The Green Bay Packers sent out a tweet promoting their game in London next season, recreating the iconic Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. There was only on problem; they left Aaron Rodgers out. While it is unlikely this will have any impact on Rodgers’ status in Green Bay, it hasn’t stopped the rampant speculation by fans. Dan thinks the Packers certainly should have included the face of their franchise to show their commitment to keeping him around.

Dan Patrick: “If I’m the Packers, I would go into it with the approach of: we want Davante (Adams) and Aaron (Rodgers) on our team. We expect them. We hope they’re there. We’re thinking positive things here, not, ‘I don’t know, do we put him in there, do we not?’ I would go under the assumption; Aaron Rodgers is under contract, and we want him here, and we’re planning on him being here. But to leave Rodgers and Adams out of the tweet for the London game..?”