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Why Arizona Cardinals Should Not Give Kyler Murray a Contract Extension

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has publicly laid out his demands for a contract extension but will the team listen? You can read the whole statement above but one of the standout quotes are:

“It is now simply up to the Cardinals to decide if they prioritize their rapidly improving, 24-year old, already 2x Pro Bowl QB, who led the organization from 3 wins before his arrival to 11-wins and their first playoff appearance in 5 years. Or rather, if they choose to financially prioritize committing to other areas and continuing to merely talk about addressing Kyler’s long term future as their QB. Unfortunately, every player, coach, and executive in the NFL knows (or should know) that words and hypothetical contractual promises are regularly dismissed and fleeting in this business.”

Murray appears to be trying to throw his muscle around but Chris Broussard & Rob Parker see right through it. In the video below, Chris and Rob express their concerns with Murray as a player and think his size and performance since being drafted to the team isn't enough for the Cardinals to rush into giving in to his demands.

Chris Broussard: Would you give him a contract extension this summer?
Rob Parker: "This is pretty easy for me...NO WAY, NO HOW. It doesn't mean I think he's a bum or he hasn't played well or anything like that. I told you before, after that playoff loss where he looked really bad, can you win with a guy that size? I need to see MORE! Every year he's been banged up or hurt. Every year, the team has collapsed and gone the other way. They started 7-0 this past year and everything came undone. I can't ignore that he's trying to do something that nobody his size has done."
Chris Broussard: I'm with you, Rob. There ain't no way I'm paying Kyler Murray right now. I like Kyler Murray and I think he has been very good. I don't think he should've been a Pro-Bowler this year. I don't want beef with Kyler and If I'm the Cardinals I'd say, 'Look, man, we love you. We do see you as our guy of the future but we just wanna wait.' They are totally within their right mind. I wouldn't be thinking about it. I'm sorry. Because I'm looking at Jared Goff who led a team to the Super Bowl. The offense was historically great and now we're like 'Man, I wish we (Rams) hadn't given him that money.'