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Lakers And Russell Westbrook Planning A Mutual Parting?

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks

Photo: Getty Images North America

ROB PARKER: "He wants to get out of this situation, hometown boy coming home wanting to win a championship. Its gotta be tough for him. Even when he talks, it's dismissive. But don't tell me he wouldn't be like this if he was winning. Its gotta bother him. People don't look at him the same way."
CHRIS BROUSSARD: "I really don't, I knew who he really prior. I knew his flaws as a player. A lot of people will understand this, the dude is in the 3rd spot, he's always been the guy with the ball in his hand and he's clearly not a shooter. But look at Anthony Davis and even LeBron James they're not blameless. I don't hold this against Russell Westbrook."

Rob Parker and Chris Broussard see the writing on the wall for Russell Westbrook with the Lakers.