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MLB Owners Are Trying to Spin the Narrative

MLB Owners Meetings

Photo: Getty Images

On Wednesday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the MLB Lockout continues, but Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington call out the Owners for botching negotiations and trying to spin the narrative in their favor with the media.

Brady Quinn: "The MLB has gone through work stoppages in the past and I really feel like it's hurt their brand, but this is an instance where it shouldn't hurt the relationship between the players and the fans, it should be more about the owners. They've mismanaged this entire situation.
Manfred's a terrible public speaker. He looked awful yesterday trying to answer questions as to how it didn't work. He almost looked like a Simpsons character, trying to laugh it off and make light of it, but the reality is, he's the one that's canceling the first two series. Get back to work and find some sort of way of making this happen right now. Instead, the two sides just walk away, but it's largely in part because of the owners and their fictitious deadline."
Jonas Knox: "What's funny about the whole thing to me is the so blatantly obvious PR tactics by the owners. They come out and give everybody hope and optimism that something's gonna get done... Because they got to the media first, when it comes back after the fact that a deal doesn't get done, people are outraged because they think maybe the players are being selfish. It's just so blatant, it feels like politics."