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The Biggest Argument Against Ja Morant for MVP

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss where Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Ja Morant stands in the MVP conversation. At the moment, Chris and Rob agree Morant hasn't surpassed Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid. The key issue giving Embiid the edge is Ja Morant's team record is strong without Morant on the court.

Chris Broussard: "Right now, I would have Joel Embiid. And here's one of the big arguments against Ja as great as he's been. He's in the running. I think Ja Morant, I think DeMarr DeRozan. People gotta start looking at DeMarr DeRozan. I know he's not a name you typically associate with the MVP, but Chicago Bulls are the second seed right now. If they finish as the second seed, he continues to play well, and Philadelphia falls off, or Embiid misses some games, Milwaukee doesn't climb in the rankings, Steph Curry doesn't go on a tear, I think his chances are really good.
Here's the thing about Ja, their record with him is 32-18, and their record without him is 11-2. They started the season with a healthy Ja, and their record was 9-10. Ja got hurt, and they went 10-2...They've been able to win with Ja since then, but, to me, that's a big thing."