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Deshaun Watson's Actions Were Not a Secret in Houston

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints

Photo: Getty Images

On Thursday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn tells Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington why teams are so hesitant to go all-in on a trade for Deshaun Watson, who may face further allegations in the future.

Jonas Knox: "One of the things that I have not heard anybody say anywhere else, except for you, and I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more traction, is that this wasn't the biggest secret in the world in Houston, right? That the guy had a little bit of an issue?"
Brady Quinn: "No. I had a player who played there that said to me, 'Yeah, we knew this was going on for awhile.' So if they know, then you'd have to think that this goes back even further and there might be a pattern or a history of this, especially with as many women as it has been. And that's what I think concerns you as a team, like if you're the Carolina Panthers and you're David Tepper, and you want to go all in on getting him and you bring him in, and then the next thing you know, you've got someone who goes back to his college days. This is complete speculation. I don't want to sound reckless, but that is at least what's being circulated here in Indianapolis."