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Lamar Jackson Can't Allow Baltimore to Second Guess Contract Extension

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson put himself on the map in 2019 securing the NFL's MVP award in just his second year of starting for the Baltimore Ravens in his first full season at the position. The criticism of him was could he go deeper in the playoffs? The following 2020 season, he did just that.

During the 2021 season, however, Lamar Jackson was unfortunately marred by injuries and as his 5th NFL season approaches, negotiations for his next contract have been slow. Ravens have expressed that they want to give him all the time he needs but after the 2021 season, why is Lamar Jackson making this process longer than it needs to be?

In the video above, Chris Broussard explains why Jackson needs to seriously consider hiring representation that will make this process move faster. The last thing he wants is the Ravens to start rethinking his next contract.

Chris Broussard: "Lamar! Get your contract secured! The Ravens (I'm not saying they should do this) could have an argument of he's declined the last few years, he was banged up this year, his style of play lends itself to potentially getting injured. 'We're not really sure if we want to lock him up.' Apparently, Ravens are like, 'We've seen enough! We wanna do it!' So, Lamar, those are legitimate concerns...LAMAR, GET THAT BAG! Either hire an agent to get it done, call your lawyer, and say 'Get on the phone right now, Let's lock this thing up.' "