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Speculating on Aaron Rodgers Will Drive You Crazy

Photo: Quinn Harris

Green Bay Packers Head Coach, Matt LaFleur addressed their offseason plans for Aaron Rodgers and failed to provide any real clarification on whether Aaron will remain a Packer next season. There are so many factors that will influence the outcome that it’s impossible to predict how it will all fall out and Dan warns of impending insanity if one were to even try.

Dan Patrick: “It feels like Aaron Rodgers is staying. Now, I’ve been saying all along he was coming back this past year and then he was gone after that. Maybe he is coming back. He looks at the money he’s going to make. I don’t know if the Packers...what do you get in return if you try to trade Aaron Rodgers? Can you get enough in return? Do you want to be the GM who traded Aaron Rodgers after an MVP season? There’s so many things that you can drive yourself crazy thinking about! Davante Adams, what’s his future here? Are they able to afford both of them? Are they tied together? If Aaron goes to Denver does Davante Adams say, ‘I’m going with you, I don’t want to stay here?’ Drive you crazy!”