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Why the Lakers Will Miss the Playoffs

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the Lakers' latest loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Rob only fears the worst as the team's schedule doesn't get any easier.

Rob Parker: "Their schedule...Moving forward, on paper, I'm here to tell you they're not making the playoffs. They've got 21 games left, 14 of them on the road, and they're 9-18 as a road team. They're a bad road team. Of their seven home games, five of them are against Golden State, Phoenix, Denver, Philadelphia, and Toronto. So there's no easy road ahead when you look at how many road games and then five of the seven home games are games you're probably gonna lose. They're in for a rough road. They're going to have to win some road games in order to make it."
Chris Broussard: That is a murderer's row. Ain't nobody trying to do the Lakers any favors...So let me go back to this. Are you actually saying they won't be in the top ten?
Rob Parker: I don't think they're gonna be in the top ten because of what I'm looking at. I'm looking for games that they're gonna win. They're no gimmies with this team...A lot of things have to go right and they don't look like they can beat anybody at this point.