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Colin Cowherd: "I Don't Remember a Trade Worse Than the Westbrook Deal"

After LeBron James and the LA Lakers took an ugly loss from the LA Clippers, Colin Cowherd thinks this stems from Russell Westbrook being a bad fit for this Lakers team. Cowherd thinks the Lakers should move on from Westbrook as soon as it's possible.

Colin Cowherd: "I don't remember a trade in any sport, in recent memory, that was worse than the Westbrook deal. Let's be honest about this. Two years ago, the Lakers were champions of the NBA, 52-19. They won the title. And last year, they were 19-8 when LeBron and Anthony Davis were healthy. They gave the Suns fits. They crushed the Suns in Game 3 of a seven-game series. They led the Suns 2-3 and rolled them in Game 3. And it looked like they were starting to take over the series against Phoenix, who ended up in the finals and who I think is gonna win it this year. AD got hurt. Last year was not a chemistry issue. Everybody was getting along, and then Westbrook happened. All it takes is one bad ingredient...In the NBA, one bad fit blows up a team. This is a disaster."