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Stop Hand-Shaming Kenny Pickett!

Photo: Justin Casterline

Dan Patrick doesn’t understand all the hype about NFL Draft quarterback prospect, Kenny Pickett’s tiny hands. Does it really matter? Isn’t hand strength more important? And why aren’t we talking about small-handed wider receivers? These NFL Combine metrics should not be considered a reliable predictor of a successful career.

Dan Patrick: “I understand the hand size, but I want to know how strong your hands are because you can have big hands. Do you have strong hands? Why don’t we talk about wide receivers’ hand size? Like, they have to catch it. Doesn’t that seem important? I was just curious about that; that everybody’s going, ‘Oh my God, this quarterback, his hand size...’ And I go, ‘OK, is anybody talking about any of these wide receivers?’ Going, ‘Uh...anybody got small hands, who are wide receivers?’ I don’t know. We’re hand-shaming today!”