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Dozens Injured In Massive Brawl During Soccer Match

A soccer match in Mexico had to be suspended after numerous brawls broke out between opposing fans in the stadium. Officials said that 26 people were injured at Corregidora stadium during a Liga MX game between Querétaro and Atlas.

Photos showed shirtless fans fighting each other, with some people using folding chairs and a large green trash can. The fights started in the stands but made their way onto the field.

While most of the injuries were minor, officials said that at least three people were in critical condition.

"We utterly condemn the events that occurred today at the Corregidora stadium," Querétaro said in a statement. "We are in communication and coordination with authorities so that they act swiftly against anyone responsible for these events. As an institution, we condemn violence of any kind. We will keep updating."

Atlas was winning 1-0 when officials decided to suspend the match.

"Atlas FC regrets and condemns the events that took place at the Corregidora stadium," Atlas said in a statement. "Soccer must promote values ​​and fun for the whole family. We ask that the appropriate authorities, the BBVA Mexico league and the FMF [Mexican Football Federation], thoroughly investigate up until the ultimate consequences, determine responsibilities for those involved and apply the full force of the law."

Liga MX said that the rest of the league was canceling games scheduled for Sunday as a result of the violence that occurred.