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LeBron James Is Still Elite

Photo: Harry How

Dan Patrick was inspired by LeBron James’ 56-point night against the Warriors over the weekend. It reminds him that LeBron is still an elite player and, despite being about to pass Karl Malone on the all-time NBA scoring list, the fact that he’s not considered a scorer is a testament to the rest of his game. It gives Dan hope that we may have a few more good years before he retires. And it turns out to be a nice break from the train-wreck the Lakers have become this season.

Dan Patrick: “The performance reminds you just how special LeBron is. He’s averaging over 29 points–per-game, that puts him right behind Joel Embiid for the NBA scoring title. And LeBron’s ridiculous night made him just the fourth player ever to score at least 50 points past the age of 37. LeBron’s greatness is nothing new, he’s been doing this for almost 20 years now, but it’s just not normal. So, we might be ridiculing the Lakers and what they’ve done during the regular season, but it can get lost while we should be watching what LeBron is doing because the last time he averaged this number of points, he was back in twenties. If he continues to age like this, we may actually have a little more time to enjoy him... What he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and with a depleted roster, it’s remarkable stuff.”