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Rob Parker: NFL Should Allow Players to Bet on Football

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley was caught doing the one thing you can't do in professional sports as a player, or you'll face stiff consequences. Ridley will now miss the 2022 NFL season's entirety for betting on NFL games. Some have said that such actions should be punishable by completely losing any chance of playing football again. Rob Parker, however, thinks differently about this and explains to Chris Broussard in the video above why the NFL should allow players to gamble on football despite the potential problems with the integrity of the game.

Rob Parker: "I think the NFL should allow players to gamble on football. The NFL is in bed with gambling. It's all out there. It's legal in a lot of states. Your fans can bet, and they're talking about having gambling apparatus in the stadiums eventually where you can bet during the game. All I'm saying is, you can't be against gambling and take the gambling house's money. People say the players can't gamble. I want it to be above board. Players can gamble as long as they don't gamble on their own team. As long as you stay away from your own team, I'm cool with that."