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Chris Broussard: Seattle Seahawks Let the Wrong Man Go

The biggest story in football should've been Aaron Rodgers' decision to remain with the Green Bay Packers after much speculation of his next endeavor. Then suddenly, the Denver Broncos acquire Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson, from the Seattle Seahawks in a blockbuster deal shaking up the AFC West.

In the video above, Chris Broussard can't help but be perplexed at Seattle's decision to part ways with Russell Wilson. Chris explains to Rob Parker who he thinks should really be packing their bags to leave the Seahawks.

Chris Broussard: "Seattle Seahawks let the wrong man go. If it was really a case of 'Russell or Pete,' then Pete Carroll should be packing his bags. Russell Wilson is the one who is synonymous with their winning. Pete Carroll was there before Russell Wilson and wasn't winning anything. Pete Carroll was in the NFL before Russell Wilson and he wasn't winning anything. I'm not talking about USC or college. I'm talking about the pros. Seattle did get a haul, I just don't agree with giving up a Hall of Fame quarterback who's still in his prime and has got a lot of good years left in him."