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The Commanders Have to Ante Up For a Quarterback

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders

Photo: Getty Images

Now that Aaron Rodgers has made his decision to stay with the Green Bay Packers, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe explain why the Washington Commanders have to offer an even larger haul for the likes of Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson.

Brady Quinn: "Rodgers is the domino that really starts the NFL offseason based on his decision. The 'Commandos' are gonna have to ante up. Whatever they offered to the Packers clearly wasn't enough. So they're gonna have to ante up even more to the Seahawks if they want Russell Wilson, or the Texans if they were looking at Deshaun Watson if that was a potential opportunity. Whatever the case may be, the 'Commandos' are gonna have to ante up, that's all I know."