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Chris Broussard: Frank Reich Giving Up on Carson Wentz Speaks Volumes

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Indianapolis Colts trading away QB Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders after one season.

While Parker believes this could be an opportunity for Carson Wentz to get back on his feet in the eyes of another organization, Broussard can't look past how Frank Reich, who originally vouched for Wentz to join the Colts, has now given up on him.

Chris Broussard: "What is so telling to me and what is hard for me to overlook when I look at Carson Wentz and what his future could hold, is that Frank Reich gave up on him. Frank Reich was one of his biggest supporters in the league! Frank Reich was the guy that was there with him in Philadelphia as offensive coordinator when he had the one season when he got injured after 13 games but looked like he was about to win an MVP award. That's why people thought this guy was a future star and that guy (Frank Reich) gave up on him...When that guy (Frank Reich) who is known to be really good with quarterbacks gives up on you, that speaks volumes."