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Is Carson Wentz A Locker Room Problem?

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts

Photo: Getty Images North America

RJ Bell: "Let's be candid now, Chris Ballard the Colts GM is definitely in the top five GM's in the league. He's a pretty smart guy, he seems to be a logical guy also. This cannot be a on the field issue for Carson Wentz. Look at the trade itself, you don't trade for someone less than what you traded for him."
AJ Hoffman: "Chris Ballard had to think, I did something wrong and it's time to move on."
RJ Bell: "Carson Wentz on the field played with the 9th best QBR, which can carry you to the Super Bowl. It's either what they saw on the field or what they saw off the field. And how I see it, it's what they saw off the field that didn't work for that franchise."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman take a deep dive into what exactly went wrong for Carson Wentz in Indianapolis.