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The Broncos Settled for Russell Wilson

Photo: Bart Young

From everything Dan Patrick was hearing from his sources, and the convenient timing of the announcements, it was clear that the Broncos were pursuing Aaron Rodgers but had a backup deal in place with the Seahawks if Rodgers re-signed in Green Bay. It had become obvious that Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson were no longer working in Seattle and, despite public comments to the contrary, they were clearly shopping their future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Dan Patrick: “Russ had to sign off on the deal and, from what I was told yesterday, that Denver was waiting to hear from Aaron Rodgers. They had a deal in place with Seattle. It was already in place. They had been discussing this for a couple of weeks. They had a deal in place, and Seattle knew this, that if Denver didn’t get Aaron Rodgers, then they could make this trade. That’s why it happened so quick... This isn’t breaking news other than what I told you and tried to give you hints on what I was hearing. And that is: they were privately, quietly shopping Russell Wilson. And that’s why it happened so quickly... That’s not one of those deals you put together two hours later.”