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What the Hell Were the Commanders Thinking?

NFL Combine

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: "Why would you trade for Carson Wentz? A guy that the Colts were trying to give away, the Colts hit the lottery on this. Not only two third round picks, the Commanders have to pick up the rest of the money! Did they not see him the whole season? Did they not see him in his last few games as a Colt? What is going on? What are they doing? I need to know. Carson Wentz is a bad QB, he's been bad for the past five years. Why would you think he'd be a usable QB? I don't get this at all from Washington. This is the Commanders sitting around making bad decisions and not knowing what the consequences will be. What the hell were they thinking?"

Jason Smith held nothing back on his thoughts and feelings about the Washington Commanders taking over Carson Wentz's contract.