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Everybody Loves Trading for Carson Wentz

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Dan Patrick finally gets a chance to react to the Carson Wentz trade and he believes the Colts were champing at the bit to get this deal done, and they got more than they could have hoped for, mainly that Washington will pay Wentz’s salary this season. Even so, Dan thinks the Commanders could have done worse than Wentz and he is certainly an upgrade from Taylor Heinicke. To date, Wentz has been traded for nine draft picks, three of them first rounders, and he’s made $100M with only one Super Bowl ring (courtesy of Nick Foles) to show for it.

Dan Patrick: “Everybody loves trading for Carson Wentz... ”

Paul Pabst: “In Carson Wentz’s career, three first round draft picks have been given up for him, two seconds, three thirds, and a fourth, and he’s made a hundred-million (dollars).”

Dan: “And we still don’t know how good he is...”