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How Much Did Washington Upgrade With Carson Wentz?

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

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Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington debate how much the Washington Commanders really upgraded by trading for Carson Wentz, and where he ranks among QB's in the division, conference and league.

Brady Quinn: "If the only advocate that was left for Carson Wentz being a starting quarterback in the NFL was Frank Reich, and that guy is willing to trade him away for two 3rd round picks, if you're Washington you got to be thinking, 'Hold on a second. This doesn't make as much sense.' But I honestly believe this is gonna work out for Carson in Washington. I think they've got enough talent there. I think he's the second best quarterback in that division right now."
Jonas Knox: "If the goal was for Washington to improve at the quarterback position this offseason, they did that right? He is an upgrade over what they were rolling out last year... In the NFC right now, with Carson Wentz, Washington is a playoff team."