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The Nets Are Motivated When They Want to Be

The Nets Are Motivated When They Want to Be

Photo: Getty Images North America

On The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason calls out the Brooklyn Nets and what appears to be a 'selective motivation' mindset they play with.

Jason Smith: "Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving like to remind us that they're really good, but they lack the day-to-day drive to want to win. They just don't have it. They don't. For whatever reason they came to New York and KD decided 'I'm good now, I'm going to put my feet up and everything is good.' But once in awhile when they're motivated, they will give you something... They were motivated tonight to win in Philly and show them a lesson. But, they're just not that team night in and night out that knows we go out and have the discipline and desire to win..."

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