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How Does Jury’s Ruling Influence Deshaun Watson’s Odds to Join Seahawks?

Photo: Jonathan Ferrey

Today on “Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell,” RJ, AJ Hoffman and MacKenzie Rivers react to the news of the court dropping criminal charges against Deshaun Watson. Watson’s odds to join the Seahawks are looking more likely after today’s news.

MacKenzie Rivers: “The Seahawks moved from 40-1 at the Westgate, to 200-1, now back to 80-1 after today’s news about Deshaun.”
RJ Bell: “That line movement is fascinating. With the first odds, at the time, the Seahawks had Russell Wilson. Then they get rid of Wilson, and those odds plummet to 200-1. Now, that Watson’s criminal situation is resolved, the betting markets are telling us Watson to Seattle is a very real possibility. If you take the off the field situation out of it, the betting markets are telling us that Watson is the more valuable player compared to Wilson at this point in their careers.”