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Nets Proved They're All In For Ben Simmons And Stuck It To Philly Fans

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers

Photo: Getty Images

On Friday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington applaud the Nets for thumping the 76ers in Ben Simmons return to Philadelphia.

LaVar Arrington: "For all of the harassment that Ben Simmons went through being there, the Nets went at Philly like this was a playoff, championship round game, which says to me, their buy in of Ben Simmons is real. It's not fake... That's going to go a long way for Ben Simmons mindset is moving forward."
Jonas Knox: "They rallied around his situation and he hasn't played a game with them yet. He probably got more support from his team than he really got in Philly."

LaVar also took great enjoyment out of seeing Philly fans embarrassed publicly and shares some of his experiences with the fanbase through the years.

LaVar Arrington: "Sometimes you will describe a fanbase, like they're gritty, or they're hardcore, or they're loud, or whatever it is. You don't find yourself very often using words like despicable, right? You can say maybe it's offensive, but my experiences with Philly football fans, despicable. That's like the only way you can explain it..."