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Fox Sports Radio's 2022 Basketball Bracket Challenge

Baylor v Gonzaga

Photo: Getty Images North America

It's that WILD time of the year where we all get to witness our favorite colleges go at it on the biggest stage of them all. Some of you may hitch your ride on to one school or a group of players with potential that's bound for glory. Perhaps you're all in on a legendary coach. Of course, there are others of you who are all about analytics and think you know exactly how the big tournament is going to play out. Well, if you do, put those skills to the test!

Be sure to join Fox Sports Radio’s Basketball Bracket Challenge! Fill out a bracket at and compete against Fox Sports Radio hosts and fellow listeners. Register below between March 13 and March 17, 2022, and you’ll be entered for your shot to win a ViewSonic 48” HD Television!!

Click/Tap the photo below to check out the rules and enter! Good luck!!!