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Weak NFC Lured Tom Brady Out of Retirement

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Dan Beyer: "I think Tom Brady is back because the NFC is wide open. Not that Seattle was a contender, but even Russell Wilson is out of that conference. The NFC South is the Buccaneers' for the taking with Tom Brady. It is to get Super Bowl number 8. When you see how weak the NFC is compared to the AFC, it gives Tom Brady that opportunity to win again. It's all about getting number 8 and winning again. That's the number 1 reason why Tom Brady decided to return."
Aaron Torres: "I truly believe that he wasn't totally there with retirement at any point. The initial reports backed him into a corner where maybe he rushed the process. I think it's the combination of not being totally ready to leave with the path being wide open. It just made next year in the NFL all the more interesting."

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres react live to the news of Tom Brady announcing his return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, forgoing his retirement to play his 23rd season in the NFL. The guys break down the biggest reasons why Brady had a change of heart, coming from both on and off the field.