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Baker Mayfield Is Being Left Out to Dry

On The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, the guys highlight the awkward position Baker Mayfield has been left in after news broke that the Houston Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson has been flirting with the idea of playing in Cleveland.

Chris Broussard: "If I am Cleveland, and I can get Deshaun Watson, I have one word for Baker... bye! This is pro football. This is the National Football League. It's not about your feelings being hurt. It's not about, oh is that fair? It's about who's better. And Deshaun Watson is better by a mile than Baker Mayfield..."
Rob Parker: "I can't get all the way with where you are, Chris. I think your wrath on Baker Mayfield is unfair, because you're basing it on last year when Baker was hurt..."

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