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Baker Mayfield Will Not Take Deshaun Watson Rumors Well

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns

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On Tuesday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the Cleveland Browns will reportedly meet with Deshaun Watson and entertain the idea of a trade for the Texans quarterback. Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington question how Baker Mayfield will handle the news and if the swap could actually benefit Baker who already has bad rap in Cleveland.

Jonas Knox: "What the hell does Baker Mayfield think when they explain to him they looked at this? I just wonder how Baker Mayfield is gonna take that."
Brady Quinn: "Not well at all. I would imagine that he is most likely not looking at even trying to negotiate any sort of extension anymore. He'll probably just want to play this thing out. Play as best as he possibly can and then force the Browns to be in a situation where his asking price is so astronomical, they're not going to be able to come to an agreement and they'll have to either tag him and trade him, or maybe they just let him go into free agency...
I'm sure it wouldn't be the worst thing for him to want to go back to Texas or Houston and then get a fresh start with a team that's actually trading for him, instead of one that's now looking at other options."
LaVar Arrington: "If I'm Baker Mayfield, there's two ways I look at it. One, I got to get what I can get because they clearly don't buy into me. Or two, no matter where it is I end up, I have to have the best season that I possibly can have, right now. This season. Don't look at tomorrow. Don't worry about yesterday. You gotta ball right now. And for what it's worth, you got to stay healthy."