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Cleveland Browns Should Jump At the Chance to Get Deshaun Watson

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to reports that the Cleveland Browns met with quarterback Deshaun Watson. This comes on the heels of the legal allegations Watson currently faces not being elevated to criminal charges. As a result, the amount of interested parties around the NFL has increased tenfold. The Browns' interest in Watson isn't too surprising when you look at the trajectory of Baker Mayfield's career so far but are the Browns being fair to Mayfield in taking this meeting?

Chris Broussard thinks Browns are making a great move engaging in talks and should pull the trigger on a deal if it works out. Parker, however, thinks Mayfield's injuries have clouded our judgment of the young quarterback, and the Browns should not have taken the meeting.

Chris Broussard: "If I'm Cleveland and I can get Deshaun Watson, I've got one word for Baker...BYE!!! It's football. This is pro football. It's not CYO. It's not about 'your feelings are hurt.' It's not about 'oh was that fair?' It's about who's better. And Deshaun Watson is better by a mile than Baker Mayfield!"
Rob Parker: "I think your wrath on Baker Mayfield is unfair because you're basing it off of last year when he played when he was hurt. That franchise won 11 games and a playoff game when he was healthy. Deshaun Watson has won one playoff game. Don't make it like Deshaun Watson has won the Super Bowl or something."