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Dan Patrick’s Source: Texans Don’t Want Baker Mayfield

Photo: Michael Reaves

Deshaun Watson is making the rounds and expected to meet with the Cleveland Browns today as he looks to bounce out of Houston. But that trade may be dead in the water before it launches since, according to Dan Patrick’s source, the Texans aren’t interested in acquiring Baker Mayfield. Apparently, they like Davis Mills and will be looking for other compensation if Cleveland is interested in Watson’s services.

Dan Patrick: “This is what I was told this morning, and this is the same source who told me the Browns were going to take Baker Mayfield in the draft, before anybody else had this, same source, that Houston doesn’t want Baker Mayfield. If they trade Deshaun Watson to Cleveland, they like Davis Mills. And I don’t know what happens with Baker Mayfield but that was what I was told this morning.”