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Baker Mayfield Shouldn’t Raise the White Flag

Photo: Jason Miller

Dan Patrick wonders if there isn’t more going on in Cleveland than the Browns would have you believe. It can’t be a coincidence that Baker sent a “Thank You” on social media to the fans in Cleveland as the Browns talk to Deshaun Watson. Mayfield gave his all for that organization and Dan thinks he should have stayed the course and forced the Browns make the first move. The fact that he is surrendering now might indicate that the Browns have already told him he’s done in Cleveland.

Dan Patrick: “I like Baker Mayfield, but this felt like a white flag. Like, don’t surrender! Just say, ‘Hey, I’m planning on coming back!’ I’d put to onus, the spotlight on the Browns here. ‘I’m doing everything I can, I want to win! I’m rehabbing. I’m going to do more commercials. I’m ready to go!’ I would not raise the white flag here...”