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Browns Can Never Get Out of Their Own Way

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

Photo: Getty Images

Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox explain how the Browns publicly flirting with Deshaun Watson, only to be denied, is prime example of why they're a dysfunctional organization.

Brady Quinn: "It's just the same old thing and they can never get out of their own way and this is an example of that. They always feel like they want to go out and improve their roster and find someone better. That's okay. But you're not appreciating the dude you have there in front of you, who's played some good football at times for you. Who played banged up for you last year. And now you've gotten to the point where you disrespected him in a public manner."
Jonas Knox: "He's been in the NFL four years, he's on his fourth head coach. We're gonna pretend like this is all Baker Mayfield? The organization is stable, but it's the quarterback that's got to go?... I really think the Browns butchered this."
Brady Quinn: "Imagine being the Browns, doing all of this, and thinking you had a legitimate shot of getting Deshaun Watson, only to be denied. Imagine how that feels as an NFL franchise. I feel bad for the Browns fans because of how this team has been led by their front office and the mistakes that they've made at times."