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Davante Adams Leaving Green Bay is Not an Indictment on Aaron Rodgers

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers

Photo: Getty Images

Immediately following the trade of Davante Adams to the Raiders, fans were quick to blame Aaron Rodgers and his contract for Adams exodus. Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn aren't buying that narrative and instead explain why this is more of an indictment on Green Bay and Jordan Love.

Brady Quinn: "I think the reason behind why he didn't want to stay has nothing to do with his relationship with Aaron Rodgers... It has to do with the fact this is probably the last year or two for Aaron Rodgers. It's not the last year or two for Davante Adams. He could play another five years, six years, three or four which at a really high level probably. And if he's going to do that, why doesn't he want to go to a place that's closer to home, play with the guy that he played with in college, where he's not going to worry about the fallout from Aaron Rodgers moving on, and whatever comes next? If anything, it's probably more of an indictment on Jordan Love."
Jonas Knox: "If I'm a Packer fan, I feel good Aaron Rodgers actually signed up and said, 'I'll be a part of this Green Bay Packer franchise for another couple of years at least and then we try to figure out the wide receiver position and hopefully we can put something together, maybe in the draft.'"