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How Can the NFL Reward Deshaun Watson While Blackballing Colin Kaepernick?

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker reacted to Deshaun Watson's decision to join the Cleveland Browns but they also had another approach to Watson landing this massive deal with the Browns.

Chris and Rob turned their attention to the plight of Colin Kaepernick who has expressed that he's still training hard to make a return to the NFL. With Watson dealing with an ugly legal battle involving sexual misconduct, Chris and Rob find it odd that a guy who lost his career defending voiceless American citizens can't seem to get an NFL opportunity while Watson lands a huge multi-million-dollar deal.

Chris Broussard: "Deshaun Watson and others are rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts will be celebrated for what they do on the field despite their indiscretions (some of which are horrendous) and yet Colin Kaepernick who went to bat, who came to the defense of American citizens, peacefully...And he can't get in the league? You can disagree with Colin Kaepernick but we've got guys in the league who've done terrible things and we had a guy in the league who took a stand for other American citizens, voiceless American citizens whether you agree with him or not and he has been punished. He has lost his career because of that."
Rob Parker: "It is the biggest travesty in the history of sports...The sports fans did him wrong. The owners of the NFL did him wrong. But his own damn brothers who play in that league turned their back on him!"