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Colts See Super Bowl Odds Increase After Trading for Matt Ryan

Photo: Bobby Ellis

Today on "Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell," RJ and AJ Hoffman break down the trade between the Indianapolis Colts and the Atlanta Falcons, which sent Matt Ryan to Indianapolis. Following the trade, the Colts saw their Super Bowl odds jump up five points, while the Falcons’ odds plummeted severely.

RJ Bell: “I don’t think the Colts were going for Watson, because Houston made it clear they wouldn’t trade him within the division. They also weren’t in the market for Russell Wilson, and if they wanted Jimmy Garoppolo they could’ve added Jimmy G. So this is an upgrade from what they expected, and therefore you see a 30-1 to 25-1 increase for their Super Bowl odds.”
AJ Hoffman: “With the Falcons, last Monday they were 117-1, and later in the week they jumped to 30-1 because of the Watson rumors. After Watson went to the Browns, they went down to 68-1, and now with Ryan gone, they’ve nosedived to 115-1. So a wild week for Atlanta.”